About us

STC is a high performance Tennis Acacemy with a peerless reputation of Hardwork & Excellence. Our flexible programmes has been responsible for the success of many professionals, Juniors, Seniors and aspiring pros. The academy believes in providing the best training methods in sports performance. The innovative approach with customised preformance. Training programmes based on specific demands of the game has enabled our students to compete at national and international level. STC is a professionally managed academy run by former National players with a coaching experience of over twenty years.

Tennis anyone. Most players from the novice to the club players to the pro, all train and practice as individuals rather than in teams. Our theme is simple, you should “get fit to play tennis or play tennis to get fit”. Tennis is such a physically demanding sport. There are many programmes at STC that prepare you for the game and significantly improve your performance and improve your results. If your goal is compete to win, then taking a tip or two from STC will help you increase the level of your game.

Step-in to STC if you want to improve your game and maximise your tennis performance. 

Come and experience the JOY IN LEARNING